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I’m reading this book almost cover to cover. It is so good, yet I fear I have not the inclination to practice, that I wonder if it’s worth purchasing.

Inorganic Chemistry


I am currently taking the second quarter of Inorganic Chemistry. This is where things are getting difficult. The first quarter was more like an review of things I learned in General Chemistry, with perhaps additional details that I hadn’t known before, but all that the context of learning Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Quantum Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry helped to form the foundation for them. I see why it is a capstone course.

I have often wondered whether to call myself a chemist or a biochemist. Lately, I can’t say I am fully either. I am probably more of a biochemist than a chemist, and yet I am taking classes that are more chemical than biochemical. And I like those classes more. I thought I wouldn’t like Inorganic Chemistry when I saw it in my first year, but now I regret not taking it earlier. It would have been much more interesting than re-taking biochemistry.



His hotness consumed me. I delighted in his very presence, which I acknowledged with every faculty available to me–my eyes, my nose, my hands, my tongue–all of them delighted in his body, which was the source of happiness and ecstasy to me. Words alone cannot describe the experience.


There was he. His grace was beautiful. I could imagine when he walked in, that I would solely focused on his face, as if he was jaded. Walking barefoot, I saw his toes clutching the carpet gingerly. The body hair was barely visible, but some tufts on his legs and arms. His chest was devoid of hair. His eyes changed color with different lights. Sometimes hazel, sometimes gray, sometimes a shocking azure blue that leaves me trapped, as if I was being studied. His hair was like his eyes, also shifting color between light blond and dark brown. It was most of all a dirty lock, shaggy as the youth once independent, fierce, and wild, and now manifest in a sort of subdued , yet not subdued, a look that says he will play with whoever gives him the time of day. It isĀ  a look that he will have died but Death loved him too much to make him pass before his time. Or perhaps Death has not notice him yet.



I titered P1 vir on AB1157 1:100 and then 1:50 to see if I can get enough viral growth to make a lysate.

My friends, I am about to finish Discrete Structures, using a book that is focused on algorithms.

I am excited, my friends, to be close to done with school.

I am somewhat annoyed at the propensity of spam coming up here. I am not sure how to prevent that.